The design of our Hybrid anodised aluminium profiles brings a unique combination of lightness and strength without sacrificing beauty and elegance.  We achieve this by the use of a hidden cantilever construction inside the profiles, permitting long, uninterrupted runs of glass.

Our Hybrid Glass Balustrades are available in straight or curved runs.  They have large spans of glass and have no glass clamps or corner posts.  The stylish and elegant designs speak for themselves and they are becoming the choice in balustrading.

Our Glass Balustrades are very easy to install.  Every order comes with full installation instructions.  They CANNOT RUST which makes them ideal for coastal and city locations.  They are virtually zero maintenance – all you have to do is wipe them with a damp cloth or hose them down with clean water as you feel the need.

Every order comes with a full guarantee.

Our Glass Balustrades can come with a factory-applied Self-Cleaning Coating on the glass that repels dirt and grime, eliminating the need for harsh chemical solutions (and no elbow grease needed).

There are two handrail profiles to choose from:

Hybrid Orbit that has a traditional, circular handrail with a stylish, contemporary look and feel.

Hybrid Aerofoil that has a totally unique, wing-shaped handrail that gives it 21st-century look and feel. 

The glass is normally clear, 10mm toughened but we can supply different colours and thicknesses as well.   Laminated glass is also available.

To get a price, simply indicate the shape, as below.  Measure each balustrade section in millimetres, send us the details and we will quote you by return.  If one of your runs is curved, you will need to indicate the radius.   How to work out dimensions for curved balustrade.




glass-balustrades copy

Glass Balustrade System Type Options



Handrail Colour Options

Our systems are available in 4 standard colour finishes: White, Silver, Bronze and our proprietary Royal Chrome finish.


Glass Types

Glass balustrades can be supplied with a choice of different tints.

  • clear

  • green

  • grey

  • bronze

  • blue

All glass types can be supplied with the unigue double sided self cleaning glass coating.


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