Curved Glass Sliding Doors

We are one of the world’s leading suppliers of Curved Glass, Sliding Doors.  Our systems have been born out of years of on-site experience.  Our expertise and continuous investment in leading-edge manufacturing technology mean that these spectacular systems are very affordable.

Each system is divided into panels and there are six options as indicated in the chart below:

We manufacture our Curved Glass, Sliding Doors to your exact specifications.  Our standard height is up to 2.6 metres and each door and window panel can be up to 1.75 metres wide, measured round the curve.

Of course anything is possible (well, almost!).  We are currently working on a design for a Curved Glass Sliding Door that will be 3.9 metres high with a girth of 17 metres.  The door will also have an electric opening mechanism.

We can make our doors with a minimum radius of 1.50 metres which makes them perfect for smaller projects, too.

We will supply full installation instructions and videos if you want to install them yourself, or we can install them for you at an additional cost.

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